Miles Smith have been providing market leading insurance solutions to the UK waste, recycling and reuse industry for over 30 years.

We operate the longest running waste property facility in the market, working closely with industry specialists and risk managers to provide sustainable insurance solutions to protect businesses in this sector.

We can provide access to cover for brokers that work with all types of waste businesses and can also provide motor insurance with a range of exclusive Miles Smith extensions.


We have been the appointed broker to the Environmental Services Association for over 30 years

We operate the longest running waste property facility in the UK market

We work closely with industry specialists and risk managers to provide sustainable insurance solutions, focussing on proactive risk management

Motor cover available with exclusive Miles Smith extensions


This sector demands careful attention when addressing insurance needs due to the unique risks faced in this industry. Our long length of service and close relationships with industry experts means we have developed specialist knowledge in insurance for waste, recycling and reuse services. This accumulated knowledge has allowed us to craft our offering and means we are well equipped to provide the careful attention required in this area.

You and your client will benefit not only from our excellent product, but our quick and diligent service, from enquiry, to order, and, in the event of a claim. Claims in this area can be particularly complex and laborious, but our highly experienced claims team is here to assist you and your client through these tricky processes.

In addition, we offer Motor Cover to provide a complete solution for you and your waste, recycling and reuse clients.

Give us a call to discuss what we can offer for you risk.


We place insurance for brokers working with various waste industry businesses, some of these include:

  • Waste management companies
  • Skip operators
  • Transfer stations
  • Landfill sites
  • Incinerator operators
  • Material recycling facilities
  • Consultants and surveyors
  • Waste brokers
  • Waste to energy

We are delighted to work closely with the ESA and are their appointed broker


We also offer Motor Cover for this industry. We provide the standard cover types, and our offering includes a range of Miles Smith exclusive extensions for this specialist area.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party, Fire and Theft
  • Third Party Only
  • Laid Up

Exclusive Miles Smith extensions available in the following areas:

  • Driver Personal Accident
  • Vehicle Replacement
  • Impounded Vehicles
  • Accidental Pollution or Contamination
  • Third Party Working Risks
  • Third Party Property Damage


We’re continuing to stride forward, but with a new appearance.

We are committed to the creation of market-leading products and the longevity of our broker partner relationships and, by extension, the growth of your business. We are maintaining our specialist products, people and service but with a fresh look and identity that visually represents how we do difficult things well.

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